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Magnus Ekbom, Co Founder and Chief of Strategy at Lazada


I would say is that there has never, I believe in history, been a more important time for great marketing than where we are today. Over the last 10 years, the discussion in the discourse, in the marketing domain and the marketing realm has been very much about online marketing

What happened to the discussion about what really makes great marketing great, what happens about the marketing that really touches peoples hearts touches people’s minds and really are relevant in ways that that creates memories and brand associations that don’t go away and I think that you know marketers have a tremendous challenge to be visible, relevant, and recognized in a very noisy marketplace.

Algorithms can make that distribution more efficient and yes, data is there to help us evaluate but the discussion has become a bit that marketing is about the evaluation; using the data that is available and nothing could be more wrong in my the way I look at it. Data is about, sorry, marketing is about connecting with our users with our partners and really telling that story about our brand and the data is is is there to help us guide how to do that in the best way but it’s not the primary purpose and I really hope that that that is the way marketers take.

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