Perspective on Omnichannel | Häagen-Dazs

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Kaajal Shivdasani, Head of Marketing, SEA & Haagen Dazs Brand Leader, AMEA


I have to say it’s a brand, we’re probably moving away from online versus offline and into a more omnichannel approach And the idea behind that is really to be where our consumers are at all points in the journey
So as you walk a High Street in Singapore or in Malaysia or in Thailand, you might come across one of our shops and that really is a big part of the offline experience But even as you walk into that shop, you could choose to become a member and join our loyalty program and then the engagement moves off online

Most of our marketing dollars are actually spent online, it’s really about being where our consumers are And they’re on social media and so, YouTube and Instagram have become an important part of our marketing mix But really, it’s about what gets us the best reach and efficiency We also experiment with platforms like Spotify and Tiktok, to see how we can learn and grow with our consumers on those platforms

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