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Hari V Krishnan, CEO & Managing Director of PropertyGuru Group


Both working from home, remote working, remote work, in general, is to become much more consistent with the workplace of the future, this has big applications on businesses not just for their own organizations but for partners, vendors, customers, suppliers that they work with. You’re gonna have to find digital technologies to interact with people within your organization but also key partners that you interact with and I think that’s gonna be something that’s going to become important.

Another thing that’s going to be critical is internal automation because if we aren’t all gonna be physically seating in one location together our ability to actually use automation software to create that similar experiences is critical so if you think about everything from procurement to the way in which we collaborate to taking notes and exchanging ideas all of this should be digitalised and automated

Another thing that’s critical. And I think the final part is immersive content is here to stay I think people are going to get used to using augmented reality and other experiences to discover browse and experience new content and services and to the degree that a company or brand is going to invest in them I believe that they will separate from the crowd.

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