Optimism is Key

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Magnus Ekbom, Co-founder and Chief of Strategy at Lazada


I think if I were to pass on some advice with some thoughts I think that the first thing that I would say is that people have, I really mean that people had phenomenal capabilities. And to do things and do things or do much much more things than you believe is possible. And often when people think themselves that they can do. And I think that that is from even been the guiding principle to really believe in the team and the organization and our ability to adapt and also because there’s no other way.

There is no other choice and I think that to have the willingness and the perseverance to just never stop, never quit, never look back, always, always look forward to what’s ahead focus on opportunities realize that some things will go wrong and it’s no one’s fault it’s just the way that way things are sometimes right. And I think to have that fundamental optimism I believe is so important especially as we go through a year like this one because there are good things that will come out at the end of it as long as we are willing to really see the journey through right and I think that that is probably the best thing that that I can say.

No crisis comes twice and I think that’s also important to recognize right that every crisis is unique and we can write reflections from this crisis some of them will be applicable to the future, or for future crises. Others will not be but I do think that to have that fundamental optimism is going to be a life both lifelong and also a future-proof piece of advice that we can pass on to them to the next guys.

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