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Hari V Krishnan, CEO & Managing Director of PropertyGuru Group


The first thing is to get some perspective when you look at your job or your career, it is always important to have something that’s more important than the day-to-day ups and downs of the business if my moral, myself worth was based on how well PropertyGuru is performing it will be challenging because in a year like this most businesses are grinding hold in the second part of the year and yet for me my perspective comes from my family from my friends and so I’m always able to step back and understand when I’m doing well and when I’m not, I do not measure my success by the success of initiatives within the organization that I believe has made me more successful professional.

The second thing is to actually create plenty of time to think, the biggest mistake people have is to mix activity or mistake activity with progress just frantically working does not mean you’re progressing at all as an individual or as an organization one thing that I religiously am actually create time slots, every day of the week which are called thinking slots and that time is entirely for me I can use it to read a book I can use it to go for a walk I can use it to finish up my email but it allows me to understand that I’m a human and not a robot I need my brain to cool off in between major activities and I think that has allowed me to be far more effective as a leader.

And I think the final thing is you know nobody controls your happiness other than yourself there’s a lot of advice out there about what makes you happy and etc I think for me the main thing to understand is never let someone else control your happiness as an organization we promise purpose, not happiness I can’t promise happiness to my employees because I don’t sit in their shoes or I do not sit in their seats, what I can promise is a sense of professional purpose hopefully have some amount of happiness but I stress all the time is that happiness sits in their own hands and that is critical for every professional to be autonomous. 

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