Perspective and Balance

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Choong Luen Lien, General Manager of Gojek


It’s gonna sound quite trite, or it may sound a bit trite without the full context and the details, but I would say perspective and balance. Singapore is in a very good place– and we’re in a very good place because of a lot of sacrifices that were made. And because of all the sacrifices and there were made and then being in a very good place, we can then afford to have this conversation, we can afford to talk about business growth. Other locations of the countries may not be as fortunate and there really could be a much higher impact in terms of lives. Not just livelihoods, but lives. And so we talk about perspective and balance.

Let’s put things in context. If there are lives at stake, then let’s worry about that first. If your health is at stake, mental health is at stake, let’s worry about that first. When these key things are taken care of then, then, then we can have this kind of conversation around what business growth or business aspirations look like. So have that sense of perspective. Worry about the people first, worry about the big things first, worry about the lives first, and then after that, we can talk about business and business growth.  

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