Everything is Possible

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Walter de Oude, Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Singlife


Everything is possible. Every challenge can be overcome. Anything that gets thrown in your way it can be dealt with. There is no bottom right yeah. Everything with a positive mindset in a positive way forward, you can find a way to wade through it, and sometimes change is actually not a bad thing. Before the changes of 2020, we were all working so hard in a defined way. And I think 2020 gave us an opportunity to rethink how we can work without losing the positivity of meeting potential. Without losing our ability to actually deliver. We’re now spending more time at home, more time with families, more time exercising, more time in the community.

These are all really really good things for, for, for well-rounded from a human nature perspective. Myself, I’m exercising more, playing more touch rugby, spending more time with my kids, but I’m still finding myself to be very very effective, because I have much more control over my time, given the way the changes in the way in which we work. And the business has done phenomenally well despite all of these challenges because of the agility for us to work in the way in which we want to. So personally it’s this kind of never give up and all things all we all will be well and the glass is half full, and if you reach for the stars you might get most of the way there if you just try. 

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