Take Risks

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Nils Swolkien, Managing Director of Decathlon Singapore


First thing, you need to dare. You need to dare to test new things. Don’t listen necessarily to people who say it’s not possible. Many people have always like majority say that it’s not possible. So, if you feel that something can be a good solution, a good idea but go and push towards testing it and always when thinking about should I do it or should I not do it? Try to evaluate the risk of doing versus the risk of not doing.

So what can I lose in case of failure and what can I lose in case of not trying? This is something I always try to share with my team. So, don’t be worried I mean try, go, risk, act, this is how humanity evolves is by experiencing, by exploring what you need to just keep in mind OK to what is the same I accept the acceptable loss. But the worst thing is not to decide and for me, the person who doesn’t make any mistakes is probably the person which has nothing to prove or nothing to show because there are no mistakes, no decisions. I mean only when you take a decision you will make mistakes, you will grow, you will learn, and you will progress personally.

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